Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I have just started knitting  Laika, by Ysolda Teage. I did the right thing and knit a swatch, blocked it a measured it. I was particularly careful, because some of you might remember the yarn, originally used in this missized project.
So, this project is likely to take me a while, given that it's a lace cardigan. I'm quite happy to be digging in and enjoying the process, rather than rushing to the finish line, as I seem to dow hen knititng smaller projects.
I am making some modifications, the main one being that I'm not knitting the hood and I've made it a v neck, rather than the round neck in the pattern. This is making me a bit nervous, I'm not sure if I'll make the neckline a shawl collar, or just a straight edging. Luckily it will be weeks before I actually have to consider such things. Until then, I'll knit gently away on this, enjoying the rhythm of the lace and the drape of the fabric as it emerges from my needles.

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