Saturday, March 2, 2013

Blue Steel

I finished Snug, with only a little bit of drama. Basically I ran out of yarn about 24 rows before finishing the hood. So, I plied up some more, but the skein got hopelessly tangled and it was all quite frustrating. Particularly for Leon, who untangled it for me.
 So, after I finished I put it on the Teddy Bear that has been living on the couch since I pulled him out to photograph a previous baby jumper.
 I think he looks really cute in it, giving me his best "blue steel". I also sort of thought he might benefit from wearing pants, since he looks a little bit nude below the waist. Maybe when I have time I'll knit him a little pair of denim shorts.
Just to be clear,this little jacket isn't intended for the teddy bear, it's for my boss, whose baby is due in June or July. But he bear looks so adorable in it, don't you think?


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