Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The knitting was easy

I finished the Emily Dee mitts. They are a gift for a friend of mine, although I changed the pattern to top down, so I could use as much of the yarn as possible. I feel like I've succeeded in that, I didn't even have enough left for a blanket square.

After I'd finished them I asked Leon to take some happy snaps so I could show you all the finished project. It's been pretty warm around here, so I was wearing short shorts around the house. Originally I held my hands up over my legs  the less said about that look the better. Then I thought I would lay them flat on the floor. I didn't expect to look like like Dickie Knee.  Or maybe a corpse.

 The picture that best shows the gloves is this one:

I'm convulsed with laugher, but at least you can see the patterning on the mitts. Suddenly i can see the point of blockers. I'll leave you with the obligatory cat picture, in this case Juniper, wondering what we were carrying on about...

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