Saturday, July 6, 2013

More like Port Phillip Bay...

The sock pattern that came with the trip to the Galapagos was slightly lacy. Designed to be knit in the club yarn, in which they look like a peaceful, warm blue sea.

I knit them in stash yarn (dyed by the inimitable Ursula, and given to me for my birthday), and I turned to yarn overs into make ones, because Leon isn't the biggest fan of lacy socks. Looking at them now, they still reflect the sea, but it's more like the cold grey of a winter ocean, with choppy waves, than the soothing sunshine kissed equatorial seas these would have reflected, had they been knit in the club yarn.

They were a pleasure to knit - I love the cleverness of a  design where the ribbing flows naturally into the pattern, and a designer who thinks to mirror the socks.

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