Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Turtle Tracks,

I knitted the second pattern from the Galapagos Travelling with Miss Babs packet exactly as written. (Well I may have added one row in at the beginning of the pattern section I think this entire shawl was knit while drinking)
 It’s a clever little shawl, with the little turtle footprints, the pretty turtle shaped cable and the lovely yarn.

The yarn is Miss Babs Cosmic and I love it. It’s one of the nicest sock yarns I have used and I want to order some more to make socks out of.

It was a simple  knit and it looks pretty enough, before I blocked it I thought it was all right, but I wasn't in love with it.. After I picked it up from blocking it I fell in love. I wrapped it around my neck and haven't wanted to take it off since. it's warm enough to wear as an outside scarf, but small enough to wear around the office as a little scarf / shawl. Clever and pretty, what more could I want?

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