Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Three of six

I've been putting a bit of time into spinning over the last couple of weeks, because the more I spin, the more I want to spin. And getting readdicted to audiobooks makes me really value the sitting and spinning time. 

The next two bobbins for Leon's winter set are Tandwarncoort Polwarth Wool and Mulberry Silk. It's beautiful, but very slick. Initially I was trying to use the same long draw technique as I used for the Merino Possum of the previous bobbins, but the singles was too soft and kept breaking. I've switched to taking bits off the top and folding it over my thumb to spin it, which is working out much better. I'm starting to really look forward to seeing how all these are going to ply up, once I get all six bobbins spun.

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