Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A sneaky sock or two

With all the excitement about Follow Your Arrow, I failed to mention that I was also knitting Leon his first pair of socks for the year. The pattern is the less than charmingly names diagonal cross rib socks from Interweave's Favorite (sic)  Socks, which seems to be my current go to sock book.

I started these with some trepidation, when I realised that it was the same one by one cable that I complained so endlessly about when knitting Leon's most recent jumper.  Oddly, on the jumper I really struggled to memorise the (fairly simple) pattern, but on these socks I did one repeat and didn't have to look at the pattern again. Which was ideal, because I had some big nights out while knitting these, and they came to the Ballarat Beer Festival with me. Despite all that, they've came out well, and Leon can add another pair of socks to his sock drawer

Can you believe that these two photos are of the same sock, taken in the excact same conditions? Weird. The actual colour is patonyle's navy.

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