Saturday, January 11, 2014

Chapter 72, including more terrible photos

My darling husband is neither a stylist nor a photographer, nor has he any aspiration to be either. When I finished my latest cardigan he reluctantly took the photos. We took the outside ones in Elise's front garden, and the indoor shots in the living room. We're not very creative about our locations, really.

The cardigan itself was quite a joy to knit, although the front does hang quite open. the pattern has an optional button, and I haven't added that. I might, but I'm going to wear it a bit first and see how it settles in.

I love the yarn. It's hard to tell in many of the photos, but the light grey yarn has sparkle in it. I'm currently quite obsessed with sparkle yarns.

And in case you think I was being mean abut Leon earlier, or being mean making him take photos of me and my knitting, let me assure you that he loves it really. You can see it in his eyes.

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