Thursday, January 2, 2014

Everyone's doing it

Ysolda Teague is doing a mystery shawl knit-a-long, and I'm joining in! So, it seems are a large number of Richmond Knitters, and people from all over Ravelry. I love knitting along with other people, and a mystery pattern just doubles the excitment.This is already so much fun!
 It's a bit hard choosing yarn when I don't know what the pattern is, exactly.I have to stripe mine, because I don't have enough of any one colour in stash, and, as you know, it's all stash, all the time, for me at the moment. After going through my sock yarn, and pairing every colour with every other colour, I've decided on these, at least for the moment:

Both yarns have some sparkle to them, and I'm really loving that extra bit of bling. Still, once the first clue comes out, oin 10 days, I might reassess.

So much fun!

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