Monday, December 22, 2014

20 days and not one end to sew in‏

On Saturday I finished the knitting on Hazlehurst. I ended up making it the full 88 inches - otherwise known as 2 and a quarter meters.
And I'll say it now it's finished: I'm glad I did.
I'm really happy with the way it came out. I gave it a steam blocking, as directed, but I think it will get even smoother with a proper bath.
The funniest thing about this project was that there were no ends to sew in. I used two balls of yarn, and at the end kitchenered it up and that was it.
I really enjoyed knitting this. In the interest of total disclosure, by the second last day I was getting antsy and over it, but the end was so close at that point that it wasn't too bad, and I enjoyed all the previous knitting. I'm still loving the colourwork, and now I'm off the look and yarns in the Jamieson and Smith website for the Ursula Cardigan that's in my future.

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  1. It looks marvellous and you totally pull it off in summer!