Saturday, December 13, 2014

Not to Club

I've been knitting away on Hazelhurst, and enjoying it. In fact, I'm enjoying it so much that I kind of want to make a more contrasty version, and when I saw Brooklyn Tweed's Maurits cowl I decided that, at some point I want to knit that. Then, when I was thinking about my Christmas knitting (which is what I'll knit during Christmas holidays) I decided to knit Summer Blooms a laceweight crescent shawl that has been on and off my queue over the last few years. Then I remembered that Romi Hill should be sending me some more Small Shawl patterns, and then I remembered all the past Romi shawls I would love to knit. Also, Elise will want a new winter shawl, and Leon has his winter set and the club is unlikely to provide for either of these. So, to sum up, I decided I would rather choose what I knit this year.

Then I went to the bead shop, and bought the beads for Summer Blooms. Pretty, right?

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