Monday, February 2, 2015

Letting things go

As part of my plan to have less stuff I went through my stash, to see if these was anything I really couldn't see myself using.  I have (well, had to be more accurate) two skeins of self stripping sock yarn. I love self stripping sock yarn, but I also like knitting complex socks, so I put them on Ravelry and now they are off to live in their new home. It was very liberating, letting go of something I can't see myself using in the next year.

As a bonus, Sandy, who took yarn, came to pick them up form Richmond Knitters tonight, so we got to meet a new knitter. Not surprisingly, she's lovely. Much to my surprise, she gave me some hand made soap to say "thanks". So it was a win all round. I might even pop the soap in my stash box, it smells so lovely.

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