Monday, February 9, 2015

What's that in your bag?

After I finished the jumper (blocking now, pics to follow) I decided to knit a pair of sports socks. I’m using the leftover yarn from the last pair of socks I knit . I started with 41 grams of yarn so I think that I should have enough…probably. So I’m weighing the yarn as I go on  the very accurate scales Leon bought for measuring ingredients for making beer. I call them our “drug dealer scales” although apparently they are jewellers scales. Either way, this way I’ll know when I am half way through – and if I have to do the toe in a different colour I will. Which is not that odd, but, since I knit when I’m out and about all the time, I’m actually carrying the scales around with me. Let’s hope no-one looks in my bag, or they could get very much the wrong impression!

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