Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Yarnalong - the one where not everything is as it seems

This week I'm (re)knitting the beginning of Blank Canvas. When I pulled it off the needles to rip out four rows to restart the striping pattern I discovered it was huge. So I ripped it back and started again. The issue is that I am getting 18 stitches per 10 cm with a DK yarn, which makes no sense. Also, my gauge says this size should fit me, but I tried it on and it still seems big. But maybe it's just being weird, because gauge wouldn't lie? Right? Right??

I'm reading the second Cypress Hollow book Lucy's Kiss by Rachael Herron. I read the first one and it was just all right. I was a bit disappointed because I love Rachael's blog , and she seems like a lovely, lovely knitter. The books are unashamedly romance, but the first one was based around some kind of fake feeling (to me) miscommunication. I only started the second one because I bought them in a digest volume and I thought I had better try it or delete it from the Kindle. Well, I'm loving it. The romance feels natural and sweet and it's lovely. 

I'm listening to The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks which addresses some huge issues of race, science, rights of control over your body, poverty, all told around one family. It's such a good listen. And the narrator is so good I sometimes forget she's not the actual author of the book. Not a dry science book at all.

So that's me for another yarnalong, where things got rather unexpected, but not at all bad. Pop over to Ginny's blog to see what everyone else is knitting and reading this week.

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