Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Yarnalong - the one where I'm relaxed

In fact today, everything seems relaxing. I have today off work, the sun in shining and I'm just having a nice quiet day.

I'm reading Fiona's Flame which which is the last of the Cypress Hollow novels, by Rachael Herron. After finishing All the Light we Cannot See I really wanted to read something light and a little bit predictable. 

I'm still knitting Colour Affection. I've now done the number of repeats called for in the pattern, but I'm just going to keep knitting.I've got plenty of yarn left and it's very relaxing, back and forth in every increasing garter stitch rows.

And I'm listening to Scott Adams' How to Fail at Nearly Everything and Still Win Big, The Story of My Life. I'm neither loving it nor hating it. It's kind of a motivational book, and I do actually need some career motivation, so maybe I'll take something positive away from it. Or maybe not. 

And that's what I've been up to this week. Pop over to Ginny's blog and see what she, and the other yarn-along peeps have been doing.


  1. Love your yarn colour. I love having some light series to read, so I will have to look for the Cypress Hollow ones.

  2. I'm wondering if I should have kept on going with the color repeats. I had a lot of yarn left over too. I wanted to get it complete to take on vacation next week so that made the final decision. Yours is looking real pretty. You picked great colors.

  3. I should add that shawl to my queue. Lovely!

  4. Color Affection is looking great!

  5. Lovely shawl! I hope to do a Color Affection someday. I am in the middle of All the Light We Cannot See and am really enjoying the beautiful writing, even though it is a tough topic.

  6. The shawl is coming along nicely, gorgeous work.