Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Yarnalong - the one with no obvious theme

It's Wednesday, and that means I'm participating in Yarnalong, hosted by Ginny. Pop over to her blog and see what she, and all the other yarnalongers are up to this week.

As promised I cast on for another Colo(u)r Affection.   I'm hoping to make this one just a smidge bigger than the original pattern. I'm at that point where the rows are not that long yet, and you look at it and think "I'll have this finished by the end of the week". But that's a rookie error, and I'm an experienced knitter and I'll be lucky if I have the third colour joined by the end of the week. 

I'm listening to H is for Hawk by Helen MacDonald. A memoir, read by the author, my favourite type of book. I am glad I read (listened to) T.H. White's The Goshawk  first, because she is rather obsessed with White and his story, and I wanted an unfiltered take on that book.

I'm still reading All the Light we Cannot See and still enjoying it. It's slowly mounting towards an exciting ending, but I'm having trouble prioritising reading it when I'm listening to, and knitting such addictive things.

So, all in all a pretty satisfactory week in knitting, reading and listening. I hope yours brings you much joy.


  1. You and I made the same rookie mistake. I keep swearing I'll be on color 3 tonight and I still have a few more rows to go. I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking that way!

  2. Must made me one of those shawls, been on my list forever
    Happy knitting x