Thursday, December 3, 2015

Seven Skeins Club, the wrap up post

For the last seven weeks, on a Friday evening I've had a Kate Davies Seven Skeins club pattern arrive. The club has been very rewarding. This is what I knat over the seven weeks:
I missed week two because of my fail mitten, and because of that I have a bit more yarn left over. On the suggestion of Louisa I'm considering knitting a Goat set, which uses three skeins of yarn. Although i do seem to have a few recently knit Kate Davies hats floating around.
I consider this club a complete success, because I enjoyed it, I knit some good stuff and I was inspired. I'm making Leon's Winter Set (2016) out of Buchaille yarn and I'm going to knit the other beanie pattern from week four. I loved week one's socks enough that I made another sock weight pair.  Most of all I enjoyed the thrill of opening that email on Friday evenings. I'll have to find another way to get my knitting thrills. Suggestions welcomed.

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