Thursday, January 14, 2016

Heelix heel - the assesment

I have just finished knitting the Heelix socks from Knitty as a sneaker liner. This is a heel out sock. that's right - starts at the heel. In this case, with a spiral heel:

was it worth the effort to get that effect? In my opinion, no. What was worth the effort though was learning that it is possible to start a sock at the heel, and the use of gussets in these.This could help solve the three three problems with my "perfect' sneaker liner pattern -there are no gussets, the stitches take forever to pick up for the afterthought heel, and the weakest points are in the most stressed part of the sock.

I also learnt about the sewn cast off, which gives a much nicer finish than either JSSO or cast off I usually use on toe up socks, and always complain about.
Knitting this sock has made me excited about different types of sock construction. There is the hat heel sock, and then all of Cat Bordhi's wonderful constructions. The sneaker liner project is about to get interesting!

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