Saturday, January 16, 2016

Tir Chinonail - some musings from the halfway point

Firstly, how am I half way through this blanket already? I'm doing eight repeats, which is one more than the pattern calls for, and I thought it would take a lot longer. 

The pattern is lovely, and easy enough once I got it started.

Kate Davies describes it as "not having long floats". Really? One row has elven stitch floats, and another has nine. I've learnt to catch my floats, turns out it's pretty easy, and worth it for the really long ones.

I'm not sure about doing a colourwork blanket in aran weight yarn. It is very, very thick. Maybe that's why Kate Davies knit hers on 5mm needles, but I was concerned that the colours would show through, so I'm knitting on 4.5mm needles.

I'm also a little bit worried about the yarn - Wendy Traditional Aran. I wanted something that would wear better than the Cascade 220 I made Elise's last blanket from, and this certainly ticks that box. It feels like it will never pill or wear. The downside of that is that the yarn is a bit rough. hopefully a good blocking will assist.

And also, on the yarn, I feel like I've got A LOT of yarn left, for being at the half way point. I see a matching pillow in Elise's future.

I expect the second half of this blanket will go slower than the first, because I've had a fair bit of time off work since I cast on. This is the kind of project that I'm happy if it takes a little while, it is the perfect mix of interesting enough, but not at all stressful.

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