Monday, January 25, 2016

Long Weekend Wrapup

We're back from our awesome weekend away, and it was all kind of wonderful.
On Friday night we drove up to Wodonga and stayed with Anna, one of the people who was coming camping with us. On Saturday we did Park Run, which I've never understood, but it was really fun. Also, I ran 5 kms in 26:49, so I was pretty pleased about that. 

After that we drove up to Kancoban and it was stunning. We camped, we ran, we hiked - including Mount Kosciuszko, the tallest mountain in Australia, and generally enjoyed the outdoor life.

Unlike last time I went camping with this group of people I didn't get all that much knitting done.  This time I got a lot done, maybe because there was more driving involved.

This is where I steeked my blanket:

After the drive home, I've nearly finished the border. A great weekend, and a great deal of knitting done.

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