Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Paper Dolls, some thoughts at the start

Last week I started Kate Davies' Paper Dolls short sleeved jumper. I'm knitting it because I have the yarn in stash (Jamieson and Smith, love it), it's really cute and well, we all know how obsessed I am with Kate Davies.

One of my main concerns is if I'll have enough yarn. I should have 660 yards, and the pattern calls for 600, but that is based on weight, and the yarn is from an oiled cone. I'm sure it will be fine because I'm taking at least an inch off the body.

The other issue is that my arms are proportionately bigger than my bust size, and I can't just increase the number of stitches for the little sleeves. I have some thoughts about how to fix this - besides quitting CrossFit and letting my arms whither away!

Other than that, the body is knitting up surprisingly fast, given that it is 4ply on 3mm needles. I am, of course, enjoying it. Stocking stitch in the round in Jamieson and Smith yarn? My dreams are coming true.

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