Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tir Chonail and the drama of the photos

I finished Tir Chonail a week and a half ago, but I couldn't blog about it until I had taken photos and these proved difficult to secure. Kate Davies took photos of this as a wrap, but it's not. It's a blanket. Yes, you can wrap it around yourself, but it's still a blanket. I tried to replicate her wrap photos:

It wasn't good. I promise I am actually wearing a dress under there.

I didn't want to take outside photos, because it's a blanket. Should I wrap it around a tree? Place it on a hedge? (Actually, now I think about it, this would make an amazing picnic blanket)

This is my favourite photo, but isn't perfect for showing the actual finished blanket, although it does show how pretty Juniper is:

The wrap up of the project is that it was a whole lot of fun to knit. I went down a needle size, and increased it by a repeat in all directions, giving a finished size of 1 meter by 1.07.

Instead of doing the steek sandwich edging I knit a turned edging, and then sewed it down. It just seemed simpler. Other than that, and making it with only two colours and making it bigger I followed the pattern exactly! A fun knit, and I have enough yarn left over that I may well make a cushion to match.

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