Sunday, May 29, 2016

A flaw at the planning stage

I've been happily knitting away on my Dreambird shawl for the last few weeks. 32 people on Ravelry have used the same foreground yarn as I have and it makes a good sized shawl - about 20 "feathers". I was knitting away last week when I realised that I had presumed that less background yarn would be necessary than the feather yarn. I have no idea why I would think that. After thirteen feathers I have very little of the background yarn left, and 40 grams of the coloured yarn:

For my background yarn I'm using Little Dipper Yarns, and I am lucky enough to be friends with the dyer Ursula. I asked if she can dye me some more and she has done so. She was vending at a yarn show this weekend, which I didn't go to, because I was too lazy to go to Coburg, and also I didn't need the temptation. So, I'm putting this on hold until I see Ursula and get the yarn off her.  I'm pretty excited about how large this shawl is going to be, with 250 grams of 4 ply yarn. It's actually not tiny now, but I'm definitly taking a bigger is better approach to shawls this winter.

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