Monday, May 30, 2016

Now what?

After I realised I might have to put my Dreambird shawl on hold, my mind went to another WIP that has been waiting for my attention. I decided to finally restart The Goats of Inversaid mitts - if you recall, I got half way through the first one and then it was too big. I finished the hat ages ago and didn't write about it because I was going to do a big post with the hat and the mitts, and then the mitts turned out to be one of those projects:  I've cast on 4 times - first the cast on I used wasn't right, then it came out to big, then because I was using a tubular cast on and I did it wrong I got twice as many stitches as I needed. .

But we're going camping in two weeks, and it's going to be cold. I want warm mitts  to match the  awesome hat, so I've cast on again. This time it seems to be working and my goats are looking quite goat like.

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  1. Casting on multiple times....that's a almost a ritual for me especially now that I've just learned to use circular needles - and it's fun! Your mitt will turn out gorgeous, I'm certain.