Saturday, July 1, 2017

And the mitts to match

After finishing Elise's cowl, I made some matching mitts, still running on the "big cable" theme. They are called "one cable mitts" which rather sums it up. I added four stitches, because once again I'm knitting 10ply patterns with 5 ply wool.

They came out well, despite my inability to read the pattern - eniterly my fault, it is quite a simple, well written free pattern. They are supposed to only have three cable crossings total - I knit three before starting the thumb gusset.

Tarragon was posing, saw the camera and decided not to help
I decided not to make Elise matching socks. Only in my mind does socks, cowl, mitts = a set.
I will give her the absolutely stunning socks I knit for her earlier in the year.
Right, now that those quick fun projects are done, back to the Village Sweater Wrap.

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