Thursday, April 2, 2015

Everything is updated!

This is the last catch up post from when the computer was broken, and then normal service will resume. i can't believe how far behind I got - the computer was only gone for a week, and I still managed to blog from work and my tablet. Anyway, after I show you this baby jumper and some yarn, we'll be all caught up.
The baby jumper is Baby Girl Fair Isle, by Purl Soho, which Kate just knit.
 I like the way it looks and the yarn, Little Dipper, is magnificent. It's an even better colour than it looks here. The fair isle knit flat was actually okay, and I think it will make a lovely gift. I do enjoy knitting baby jumpers in general. they are so fast and so perfect and thing like gauge really don't matter all that much. I was inspired the knit this by Kate, who just made a lovely one.

I also bought some yarn! From Jamieson and Smith  to knit Kate Davies Ursula Cardigan. I'm doing it as a knitalong with Kate. As a joke I told her I was also going to knit the next thing in her queue as well. She looked vaguely horrified.  

Jen helped me choose the colours, and I think they will work very well.

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  1. Love the giant cone of yarn! The colours will be fantastic.