Monday, April 27, 2015

Some pictures don't show what I was trying to show

I went to take pictures of the latest pair of socks I finished for Leon (Gaspode, by Rachel Coopey, for those following along at home). Now, taking pictures is often a struggle for me, but its a pair of socks, and I couldn't be bothered following the rules of good picture taking - go outside, make it interesting, whatever. I decided to take some happy snaps in the living room.  

Tarragon loved the idea, and decided to be in all the photos.
I found these socks a little frustrating to knit. they were simple, but have a different pattern on the front and back of the leg, and I found it interrupted the natural rhythm of the knitting.  

I really liked the yarn / pattern combination. I've had the yarn in stash since before I started blogging, and was excited to take from the bottom of the pile.  I thought Leon would be happy with it - it's all his colours (being dark brown, grey, hunter green, blue). It turns out that Leon likes all these colours - but not together. Lesson learnt. And I'll leave you with the final picture of Leon's socks. If Tarragon was transparent you would be able to see them

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  1. I think Tarragon is telling you he wants some socks!