Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Leon and I are flying to Russia today. We're doing the Transiberia Express and ending up in Mongolia. I've spent a little while planning what knitting I'm taking. I'm knitting Angee from Sock Innovation using Collinette Jitterbug that I bought in Bendigo last year. I love this book. It's my third pair from it and I'm inending to knit my way through the entire book.
I actually cast on on Monday, and turned the heel of the first sock yesterday, so I will have most of a pair of socks by the time I get there. Unless they take my needles at airport security. We are taking three flights to get there, so that's a lot of security.
Next up a stippy scarf inspired by Jen's. I bought this Mimi Mochi sock wool at the Sock Summit last year. I'm a bit obsessed with self striping wool, but its a singles yarn, and too fuzzy to make the type of socks I like. Should make a lovely scarf.
And then, if there is time, I'm casting on for Featherweight Cardigan. I bought some Blue Moon Fiber arts laceweight silk while under the influence of yarn fumes at the Sock Summit. It's the only thing in my stach I didn't have a specificnuse for, and then I found this pattern. Did you know that you can knit cardigans in laceweight? This was a revelation to me. When I get back I'm going to spin some lace weight and knit a jumper.
I just realised that most of my knitting this hiloday is going to be using yarn I bought last holiday.
I'm also taking my little spindle of course, althought not on the plane. The fibre I have just started spinning is beautiful, Half silk and half wool and so pretty.
Sorry about the lack of photos, Leon has packed the camera.
So, I'm off to finish up around the house before we leave. I doubt I will have any internet access while I'm away, I'll be back in blogland in excactly a month. Hopefully I'll have fibry travel tales to share. And maybe photos of yaks.

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