Monday, July 12, 2010

That F**king lace ribbon scarf

Over two years ago I started a Lace Ribbon Scarf. This was when I had just joined Ravelery and just before I started knitting with the Richmond knitters. And I struggled with it. I thought it was because I had not read charts before, and never done a yarn over, let alone a double yarn over.
So I put it aside. I thougt I would come back to it when I was more experienced. Yesterday I picked it up again. Now I can read charts, and have done some simple lace knitting. And I found the pattern completely unintuitive and unenjoyable. A combination of these factors and the bamboo wool have left my hands very sore. So, I apologise for my language at knit night yesterday, and say goodbye to the scarf. It's getting frogged and I'm going to knit a bathmatt out of chunky handspun wool.

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