Monday, July 12, 2010

This is the second clapotis I’ve made:

It’s one of only three patterns I have made more than once – the other two being the baby surprise jacket and a tea cosy. This one is for Carrie, my sister-in-law’s birthday. When she saw me making mine, she asked if I would make her one. There are some substantial differences: mine is made of sock wool that I dyed myself, and I did many more repeats than the pattern called for, so it is about 2 metres long. Carrie’s was made exactly as the pattern called for, except on 5.5mm needles, rather than 5. Also, checking Ravelry my last one took me a month to finish, while this one was done and dusted in 9 days. I have been knitting quite a lot, perhaps to take my mind off all the other things that are going on. Nothing bad is happening, but there is a bit of disruption, including getting my WorkCover claim finalised finally, and interviewing for the job I have been acting in for the last 7 months. On the plus side there is Bendigo in Friday and I start a month’s leave next Thursday, to do the Trans Siberian railway.

I made it in Cleckheaton Kaleidoscope, because I love self striping yarn. The wool is pretty, but annoyed me. It was a singles yarn and I think I prefer to work with plied yarn. Also, it only had 65 meters a ball and it took nearly 11 balls to finish. This would have been fine, but I originally read it as 95 meters and had to desperately locate another ball, which is a different dye lot and the colours are slightly brighter. Luckily it doesn’t really matter in a design like this. Overall I’m happy with it.

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