Monday, December 27, 2010

Decimal complete

The Decimal cardigan is complete. Finished, blocked and worn. Despite my couple of freakouts while knitting it, I'm so happy with the results. As usual, none of the things I worried about were an issue. I thought I might be short on yarn, since the pattern called for exactly the ten balls of Rowan cotton glace that I had. No problem, I ended up only using seven and a half. I thought my hands might get sore from knitting with cotton. Again, no problem there. The Rowan Cotton Glace is beautiful. I want to knit with nothing but Rowan from now on. Maybe if I finish my stash completely in 2011, that can be my 2012 thing!

I was worried about the way my shoulders and body stitches would meet up:

That worked too.

We were meant to go to the botanical gardens for a picnic yesterday with my brother and the neiphlins, and windy. Which was fine, but it means these photos were taken at Elsternwick Station, not as scenic a spot as the Botanical Gardens. Today it is looking nicer and I may well take my husband and my knitting to the park for some quality sitting time.


  1. Lovely cardi!

    Elsternwick station is a great backdrop to your knitting, quite dramatic.

  2. Love it! I thought I recognised Elsternwick Station - that was my local station for all of a week! On the other side of the river too...
    Great day for a picnic today :) Whats next? Whats next?

  3. Very nice :) The yarn really is a stunning colour. And I like the setting too.

  4. see? SEE? we all TOLD you it would be bloody perfect :P