Thursday, December 23, 2010


On Fridays, my grandmother always used to ask me "what's your program for the weekend". Well, the weekend starts now, and it's ten days long! My program is as follows:

1) Finish Decimal
2) Knit an Elizabeth Zimmerman February baby sweater in the pink wool I dyed recently
3) Finish spinning the EGMTKs for Bitteroot
4) Start spinning the washed fleece for Leon's jumper
5) Wash more fleece

In non crafty activities I will be seeing family and friends, completely going through my clothes cupboard and folding things up, and spending lots of time on the couch with Leon. Unless the weather gets nice, in which case I will be spending lots of time in the park with Leon.

Have a merry whatever and a happy everything.

Love, Sharon.


  1. "Have a merry whatever and a happy everything."

    This is the best phrase for this time of year I've come across. I'm totally going to have to use it!

  2. I love plans! Best of luck with yours, sounds totally do-able

  3. Happy staycation honey, it sounds wonderful.