Friday, February 18, 2011

FO - Handspun Owls

After the drama of the needle size Owls was a remarkably fun, quick knit. I actually finished it last week, but we didn't get a chance to take photos, since the weather has been warm and humid and this is not the sort of jumper that can be put on for a brief photo shoot and then stuffed into a small bag.
It took me a week from start to finish, and reminded me of how much I love stocking stitch in the round. I used most, but not all of the 620 meters of wool that I spun. Knitting with my handspun was interesting and very satisfying, and I'm pretty content with the quality of my first attempt at long draw. It is certainly next to skin soft, and warm enough for any day Melbourne might throw at me.
I learnt a knew way of doing short rows - Sunday Short Rows which I found both easy and understandable, something I have never found with wrap and turn short rows. I was afraid of making the jumper too short, and may have erred on the side of length, but it's soft and warm and squishy. At the moment I only have one set of eyes on it. I'm considering doing more, but Leon expressed the opinion that it is effective this way and I should leave it, so I'm going to respect his opinion on the matter.
I suspect this warm, comfy jumper will get a lot of wear come the cold months. I have some of the same wool left over and I think I'll spin it up for matching mitts. I can just imagine walking out on a crisp winters evening, all warm and snug.


  1. Gorgeous! and the hidden owl is quite cute :)

  2. Oh I am so in love. I've wanted to knit Owls forever and as for knitting it in handspun, I'm contemplating destashing all my millspun so I can buy a wheel and tops for everything. Look what you did to me!