Saturday, February 26, 2011

Giving it away

I finished my Ishbel shawl. Its knit in Malabrigo sock, which is soft and squooshy and the colours are wonderful. It was a fun knit, the lace was simple enough to do in all sorts of public places, including the Speigel Garden. So why is the picture of it on the floor, rather than me proudly parading it? Well, there are a couple of issues with this shawl: In some lights the colours are almost identical to my Annis shawl

But the main one is that I like to wear my shawls like scarves or handkerchiefs. If I do that with Ishbel, this is what I get:

I look like I'm wearing a bib! So I'm going to give it to my mother who has been hinting (where hinting means saying "will you knit me a shawl?") and she can wear it in the traditional triangular style, where this lace really shines.

Now I'm off to work on Leon's next jumper.

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