Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Richmond KAL: February Fun

The theme for the Richmond Knitalong for this month is February fun. I didn't originally plan to participate, I didn't have any toys in my queue and wasn't really thinking along those lines. And then this story developed: One of my work colleagues is pregnant. She thought she was having a boy, and I was disappointed, because I really, really wanted to make the February Baby sweater, which I did make and gifted to my little niece. I then decided to make something out of left over blue Rowan Cotton Glace. And then my colleague announced she was actually having a girl, not a boy. At this point I decided, rather than make a jumper I'd make a toy. Specifically the Mushroom Rattle:

I love the way this looks, although the bell is very muted, despite using a proper cat toy in a ball. It only took one night to knit and it's really cute, if ever so slightly phallic. And although the recipient will not know or care, I love the fact its made out of Socks that Rock and Dream in Colour Starry. I wanted to use some Wollmeise too, but I thought the random white I found in my stash might look better than the dark green. When I went to put it in the box where I store all my presents until they are ready to be gifted (I tend to panic and knit my gifts six months early) I realised I already had a little girls set in the gift box that I didn't gift because I didn't love the way it pooled, so I might wrap it all up together for her. Too easy.

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  1. Super cute rattle! I'm loving the idea of knitting gifts ahead of time also. I would love to see your gift box!