Saturday, February 12, 2011

Works in progress

I went up half a needle size for Owls, and got gauge, or close enough. I'm between pattern sizes as well as being slightly off gauge and so I went up a pattern size as well. So far its looking fine. I don't think I'm going to run out of yarn, I think its going to fit me and the handspun fabric I am knitting is so warm and squooshy. The weather has gone oddly cool - normally this time of year we have days and sometimes weeks where it is above forty degrees, but not this year. At least knitting this massive, warm fluffy jumper has been a comfort.

I made my first yarn purchase for the year. These two Wollmeise Skiens,
bought from a Ravelry destash. The green / yellow will be perfect for Romi Hill's Mia Shawl (Rav link) No idea what I'd going to do with the other. To (probably mis)quote Jen "I'm just going to hold it and pat it and call in George".

I've been spinning up some red 100 percent silk,

to ply with my Sioz red Merino, which is redder in real life, although in some lights does look more pink than red. I'm very much looking forward to plying it, the results should be interesting.

And now I'm off to the St Kilda festival. Because I'm volunteering for the RSPCA this morning and there won't be anywhere secure to put my stuff I'm taking a bag that is only big enough for a water bottle, phone and wallet. No room for my knitting. Hopefully I won't regret that later in the day.

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