Wednesday, March 16, 2011

FO - Accidental BFF Jumper

I had such a glorious 4 day weekend. I spun for Leon's next jumper, I spun pussmerino and on Monday night I finished Leon's jumper. I'm really pleased with it, particularly the way the details that I designed came out. I love the shoulder line with the raglan cable.

I didn't initially plan to include the cables in the raglan line - it was an inspiration that came to me in the shower at work. Why do all my best thoughts come to me in the shower at work? I adore the line under the arms, onto the body, and the delightful way this souvenir yarn has knitted up with the cable pattern.

When Leon tried it on, the first thing he said was "At least there is an opening for my head". He reminded me that the first jumper I ever knit him, another Elizabeth Zimmerman, was initially too tight to go over his head. I had to reknit the entire neck. I offered to keep this one, if he doesn't like it, but Leon did not have to consider long to decide that this jumper was all his. Even when he is wearing it though, he will always be reminded of me, because I twisted my initial into one of the cables:

Technical specifications: Elizabeth Zimmerman Raglan, from Knitting without tears. 220 body stitches, arms started on 40 stitches, increased to 70. Pattern is a knit 2 purl 2 cable 4 back every 4th row, purl 2.


  1. love it, just love it, that shoulder cable is a magical thing!