Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spinning and indecision

I finished the silk and wool for my 198 yard of Heaven shawl although for some reason in my head I keep thinking of it as 198 yards of happiness. I actually have 239 meters of wool plied with silk, and another 15 meters of Navaho plied silk, which may be enough for the cast off, as I plan to modify the pattern a little to make it larger and use up all the wool.

I'm working hard on spinning the corriedale that I cleaned. It spins like a dream, but the preparation takes longer than the actual spinning, so I have to allocate time to that. Luckily flicking the locks is nearly as much as fun as spinning: I take a clean lock, flick it with the little flick carder and FLUFF, a magic puff of easy to spin fibre.

I am actually going to leave the house today, I'm meeting a friend down the beach. This will give me a chance to keep working on Leon's jumper. I've finished the body and one sleeve up to the point where I need to join and have about half the second sleeve, so I think I will be joining tomorrow.

My indecision though is what to knit next. I want to knit everything, at the same time. I really want more green socks, and I dyed yarn for that last weekend. I really want to knit the shawl using the yarn I just finished spinning, because I so love knitting with my handspun. Leon would be gratified if I knit him a bow tie (don't ask) and Anna has asked me to knit her wheelchair bound grandmother a pair of slippers that look like shoes, as she can no longer wear shoes and Anna thinks she should have some decent footwear.
And now I put it down on paper I realise that certainly the slippers must come first, and I can worry about what comes next after that.

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  1. Knitting a jumper on a beach - you know its going to be 27 degrees dont you?!