Sunday, March 27, 2011

FO - Pointelle Socks

Just a quick catch up post, as Leon and I were away in Ballarat for a 30th birthday party and to see his folks, and now are cleaning the house and getting things ready for the week.

I finishing Pointelle, another Cookie A pattern from Knit Sock Love. Its a fairly complex pattern, with every stitch charted. no pattern repeat at all. While I enjoyed the first sock, the second one gave me grief. I was knitting drunk, but that still doesn't explain how my stitch count ended up 12 stitches out: and the pattern was still intact. Very odd. I also knew, from the third inch, that this was a bad yarn / pattern combination. I forged ahead anyway, since I really wanted to knit with this yarn, because I dyed it myself and I am really in the mood for green. The pattern shows up a bit better in real life, and they are super comfortable.

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