Thursday, May 26, 2011

Green again

I have been knitting and spinning like a madwoman. I thought I had lost my spinning mojo, but it turned out I just needed to rethink my plan. On the weekend I spun some green alpaca, which I am going to ply with this Miss Babs Merino / silk / bamboo and some merino / silk that I have not yet dyed, I haven't even received it in the mail yet. Still that's my plan.
I have become very keen on the idea of doing more dying, which means I need to buy some more dye colours. Not that I don't love dying everything green, but maybe the addition of some other colours might be exciting. Like red and yellow and blue, so I can make all the colours. Or possibly dye more rainbows. I'm obsessed with rainbows.

I finished knitting something green: the Hypernova Scarf, in Wollmiese. This was an absolute joy to knit. The pattern was simple but not boring and I love the way the yarn looks in this pattern. It makes me think of dragon scales, but that might be just because I am reading Robin Hobb's, Dragon Keeper.

I'm blocking it now, trying to keep the hills and valleys you can see here in the unblocked scarf, while still making the lace ends pretty. This is the first time I have tried to block things unflat, and we'll see how it goes.

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