Tuesday, May 31, 2011


A couple of weeks ago I made myself a Sockhead hat.I didn't put any pictures up here, the process was so quick, and then I put it on my head and have barely taken it off since. When I was deciding what wool to use I really struggled. I had some pretty Opal which is one of the oldest wools in my stash. I bought it on impulse at Bendigo wool show two years ago. I had made what I thought were all my purchases and was just waiting for Sonia to come back from her last errand and the Opal called my name. I really haven't been drawn to knit light purple socks though. In my stash I was also drawn to some Socks-That-Rock-Silkie, which I knew would make a squishy, stunning hat. I went with the Opal, and really like the results.
Two days after I finished knitting my sockhead Elise, my BFF who lives across the road, emailed and said she wanted a slouchy beanie. Well. I invited her over and said she could choose any wool in the stash. We narrowed it down to two - a dark Dream in Color and the light Socks that Rock Silkie. She was edging towards the dark, when I said she was getting the hat in the Silkie and she was going to love it.
And she does. And she looks too cute in it. Its as squishy and lovely as I thought it would be.This pattern is so much fun, it's like a vanilla sock. Ribbing, followed by straight in the round, followed by decreases followed by done.
I had enough leftover yarn from my hat to make a pair of wee matching handwarmers.


  1. LOVE them, and you two are adorable together! hooray for BFFs that appreciate knitting :)

  2. Hey you guys really are cute! Great hat, I'm on my way to queue it now…

  3. I need a slouchy hat too. I really actually do, this is not hat envy triggered by your post. Much.