Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Packages two and three

On Friday I came home to a blue card letting me know I had a package in the package centre. When I got down there yesterday there were two! I had been feeling a bit blue - winter has hit Melbourne hard and fast, and work has the air conditioning on. I don't cope well with cold at the best of times, and having chilled air blown on me all day at work had literally left me in tears. But when I got these packages home, my mood lifted. Jimmy Beans Wool included a free pattern on their mailing bag. How cute is that?
And inside were these squishy, pretty, warm Cascade 128 skeins Perfect for my niece Isabella's jumper, which I am starting as soon as I finish my current project, which I haven't told you about yet. Its a sockhead hat. I finished the Vampire Boyfriend socks on Sunday, for those keeping track at home.(Rav link here)

The other package is from Signature Needle Arts. I'm not going to link to them, because every time I go to their site I want everything! I bought a pair of straight needles for a super special project that is currently in it's second year of gestation. I'll tell you all about that tomorrow, but right now, look at the beauty of these needles. They are smooth and shiny and very, very light.

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