Saturday, May 14, 2011


I know last post I promised to tell you what the Signature needles are for. I wrote the post, but Blogger has been down and it ate it. And I've got too much to catch up on, so I'll tell you about that project another day.

On Monday the airconditioning was on at work. The boilers had been "services" on the weekend and had completely stopped working. It was freezing. On Tuesday they still hadn't fixed the problem, and I forgot my tights. By the end of the day I was so cold I was crying. I worked from home on Wednesday, with the heating set at 22 degrees and a knee length knitted cardigan on. On Thursday I went to work prepared. Amongst a whole lot of other warm things I wore my knee high Spring Socks. These have elastic in the tops, but the elastic appears to have perished. So all day, I was pulling them up. It was very annoying, so when I go home I pulled out the sewing machine and made knee garters.

And now my socks stay up.

I'm learning to make button holes right now, because I bought (and unfortunately wore to work) a lovely white shirt, with a top button that sits somewhere around my sternum. So I'm going to add a couple more button holes to that, and then put the sewing machine away and do some knitting.


  1. Ah, don't you love those 'yup, shouldn't have worn that to work' moments...

  2. Knee garters! That's sheer genius! If you'll excuse me I'm off to whip up a pair for all of my hand-knit knee-highs :)