Saturday, September 15, 2012

Beer Boy

 I finished Leon's StraBoy. It was one of the most enjoyable things I have knit in a long time. The pattern was complex enough to hold my interest, but simple enough that I only had to glance at the chart. The yarn was a British Blue Faced Leicester, and is soft and wonderful, I love the definition on the cables. I do think it ended up a smidge too long, but so many of the jumpers I have made for Leon are a smidge too short, so that's just one of those things.
Leon was saying "wait, I need a beer in my hand"
Leon says he loves it and that "it's like being hugged by a muppet". When I pointed out that muppets are probably acrylic he amended it to "a sheepy muppet".  

The pictures were taken at True South brewery. I ran down there on Saturday and met Leon and some other friends. They went off to take photos by the brewing equipment and when they came back, they were very excited because the brewers where there and had taken them around and shown them stuff. 

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