Monday, September 10, 2012

Some things I bought

I finished Leon's jumper yesterday. He tried it on prior to blocking and I'm very happy with it, although I'm hoping it blocks out a tiny bit wider and a tiny bit shorter. I'm really, really hoping it doesn't grow. While I wait for it to dry I'll tell you about a couple of things I bought recently which I love, love love.
I love stitch markers. I've got loads of pretty ones with things dangling from them. Unfortunately when I'm actually knitting plain ones are easier to use. makes markers that don't dangle, don't have gaps for the yarn to get caught in and are still very pretty. As a bonus she's in Australia, so they came very quickly, and they look kind of like captured ring body jewellery.
When I saw these bags from  I had to buy one. I've got a bit of an obsession with things with sheep on them, and with project bags, so a project bags with sheep on it? I couldn't go past it. Using the Tom Binh stuff sacks has shown me that I really like drawstring bags, so I can leave my working yarn in the bag, but I wanted something pretty and this really fits the bill. And its so well sewn, just really nice quality.
 It has pockets, and it is reversible, and there are sheep and one little sheep dog. I'm also excited to be knitting a project that is small enough to fit in here, after the rather larger things I have been spending my time on of late.
And I've bought no yarn, even though Radioactive Rabbit was offering free shipping if I bought a skein of yarn as well. I must say, that was quite hard to say no to, but the other day I got a jumper's worth that I mailed when I was in the UK, and I've just managed to force that into the almost overflowing stash box. I'm hoping that by Bendigo next year I will have a three quarters empty box and I can buy all the yarn. Until there is breathing room in the box, I'm going to keep the self control up.

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