Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sneaker liner project - pair 5

After I finished Colour Affection I had three leftover, matching colours. I also had a three colour Sneaker Liner in my queue, the Crystal Socklet from Knitty. Although if I had had different amounts I would have changed around which colours were which, I didn't have that option here. I know that because I originally cast on the first toe in purple, but realised I would run out of yarn if I used that. I wasn't sorry to rip it though, I found the Turkish toe prescribed in the pattern clumsy. Or, as Leon put it to poetically "Are you making another pig?" So I ripped it, cast on with a colour I have enough of and knit on up.
I had a bunch of problems with this pattern - or with how I knit it, either way. They came out a little wide, which is odd, since I knit a 60 stitch sock on 2.5mm needles, which is what I always do. I've been wondering for a while if my knitting is actually becoming looser. There are holes where the heels start, I ran out of the contrast colour and had to stripe the heels and most significantly the garter cuffs are quite loose. I know I could reknit them, but I just don't have enough invested in the this project to care. There are wearable. Now onward, to greater things.

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