Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A long road

On the weekend I finished Elise’s Stripe Study shawl. It’s currently blocking and I’ll get some photos when I gift it, presuming I can find my camera.

Now I’m knitting the Travelling Sweater, from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. For me it travels in many sense of the word: I bought the yarn in Portugal, when I was travelling last year. I kind of thought it was an 8 ply, and was planning a jumper for Leon, but it knits up at sport weight and Leon just got a jumper, so I’m using it for me. After I bought it, I took it to England and then decided to mail it home, so the yarn has already been on a journey of its own.

The knitting of this might, in itself, be a bit of a journey, since it has short rows that require picking up the wraps. For all the recent short rows I’ve been doing, I haven’t had to pick up a wrap. I’ve finished the first lot of short rows and I’m not entirely pleased with how they look, so it’s off to the internet to find out how to make them more invisible.

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