Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's only sort of travelling knitting

I finished the body / collar part of the Travelling Sweater on the weekend. For the majority of the knitting it was perfect travelling knitting, rythmic interesting but not requiring much concentration or looking at the pattern. I really feel like I've nailed the short row technique too. There are 36 rows that each require the picking up of wraps from 9 stitches, so I had a lot of practice. Still, because the big piece was broken into 8 parts, and each of those was divided into 4 smaller parts that took just over an hour each, it always felt like I was making progress.

Near the end though, it just got BIG. Big so it covered Tarragon while I was knitting, big so it struggled to fit in the big blue bag. Here's a picture of the finished piece:

I'm going to pretend that Fern is included for scale.

Now I'm knitting away on the back / sleeves. I'm enjoying the yarn and the fabric I'm making, but it might be a while before I do another project done entirely in 2 x 2 rib!

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