Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bag for yarn

I think I've mentioned that I do a bit of travel for work and that I always catch the train so I have more knitting time. Recently I've been struggling with handbags. I have one or two that are big enough, but only if I'm knitting a pair of socks. The other day I cast on the Travelling Sweater,  and I knew I needed a handbag that would take that and all the other things I feel are necessary to carry around with me - like lunch, three muesli bars, a pear, my Kindle, a rubber ball for rubbing out the sore spots in my shoulders, water bottle, a phone, wallet, keys, a foldable shopping bag in case i buy something big. I like to cover all bases.

I also really wanted a light blue bag. Everything has to be light blue for me right now. I was pretty excited when I found this in Mimco:

Everything about it is perfect. It really is the perfect size and the perfect colour, and its cheeriness makes me smile, especially at the beginning of winter. And it's big enough to take all the things I feel the need to carry around with me.  Perfect.

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