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A terrible terrible cat leads to spinning plans

 I’m not sure how much I’ve written about this on the blog, but Tarragon is a Bengal, and Bengals can be quite "special". He has terrible separation anxiety, and cats do not have a great many options for expressing how they are feeling. Tarragon expresses his feelings by what vets call “inappropriate urination” and what I call ‘why does Tarragon keep peeing on the bathmat”?

We’ve done everything we can think of. We have multiple litter boxes, we got him a friend (yep, that’s why we got Juniper) and we are giving him prozac. A while a go he peed on my handspun bath mat, and I put it in a hot wash. I knew it would felt, but some things just have to washed hot. It did felt. It came out a little smaller, but wonderfully  thick and ruglike.

I was looking at all the unspun wool I have, and got inspired. I’m going to spin this up thick and self stripping and knit it into a bathmat: probably a 10 stitch blanket for the bathroom and another half mitred square for the toilet. And then I am going to felt the living daylights out of it, so that I can hot wash it with impunity


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Look what I found!!

I was putting away the yarn from my mothers ASJ, which I have finished - it's having a bath right now, and I found this blue yarn:

Now, I'm pretty sure that the yarn I left at book club a month ago was Patonyle in navy, and that's what this is too! Either way, it is an exact match:

That's the old yarn and the one I just found, together, and they are the exact same colour!

There is only 13 grams, so I don't know if it will be enough to finish both sleeves, and the  iCord front, but if it is I won't have to wait another month to declare this project done!